chatbot installation service

A great asset these days for any website is a functioning chatbot!

This little chap can sit on your website answering questions, sending voucher codes and much more.

Stats prove that having live interaction on your website converts more visitors into buyers.

And they are pretty damn clever too!
You can program them to do almost anything that a visitor or an admin could normally do on your site.
Obviously, nothing beats a live human chat (you can do this too with our preferred software installation) but your robot can be working while you are asleep, and on holiday!
Your visitors will understand that sometimes they are speaking to a robot, and sometimes it is a real person.

Demo This Chatbot...

Do You See The ChatBot on This Page?
Look in the lower right hand corner.
You should see a conversation advertising my services! Great hey?

After the message flow – Try typing

‘ chatbot discount  ‘

into the message box on this page and see the power of a chatbot in action! 🙂

Sample Chatbot Ideas

Free Gifts!

Offer new visitors a gift! Perhaps a discount code? Or a free downloadable guide..

Drive Traffic

Send your visitors to a specific page or offer on your website

Be Social

Greet returning visitors by name! Great for branding and loyalty


Chatbot Integration Service by Brian Oliver

Auto Pack

Advanced Chatbot
  • Chatbot Installation
  • Welcome New Visitors With an Offer
  • Greet Returning Visitors
  • Showcase a Product or Page
  • Chat Trigger

Service Available for WordPress websites only

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